The Colour Shack® & GNI® A world of colour @ Your Fingertips

Our Cosmetic Grade Mica and Pigments will enhance many of your products, they are so very versitile. From DIY Nail Polish, Gel and they can even be mixed into our MICRYLICS, to give you a world of colour for your nail enhancements. But not only can you use one colour for your nails you can also use our colours in, Car Spraying, Pinstriping, Crafting, Paints, Colour your Glue, Crafting, Steampunking with our Metallic Colours. There is so many ways that our Colours can enhance your projects.
With our products being Cosmetic Grade and Safety Assessed, you wont have to worry about any nasty amounts of heavy metals or microbs in your working projects, giving you, a safer product to work with.
No more worrying about baking your Fimo in the oven.
So sit back, relax and enjoy our World of Colours.
The Colour Shack & GNI